High Plains Reflections Gallery Jim Brown Nature Photographer

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

Martin Buber


Arctic Fox sitting along Hudson Bay. 

Manitoba, Canada

"Baby Kisses"

Cow & Calf Moose getting a little sugar.

Gros Ventre River,  Wyoming


Three young Bighorn Rams hoping someday to

be in the game. 

Southfork near Cody, Wyoming

"Cold Breath"

Polar Bear portrait on cold Canadian morning. 

Seal River, Manitoba, Canada


River Otters along the Lamar River.

YNP, Wyoming.

"Fire Weed & Brown"

Female Brown Bear sitting in Fireweed.

Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark, Alaska

"Autumn Call"

Bull Elk calls his challenge to all that will come.

Gardiner River, Montana


Brown Bear feeding on salmon.

Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark, Alaska

"Walk Through the Storm"

As the wind and snow works against survival in 

the Lamar Valley, YNP, Wyoming.

"Long Tail Weasel"

Summer colors of the Long Tail Weasel.

Brooks Lake, Wyoming


Mother Swift Fox teaching her pups to hunt. 

Shirley Basin, Wyoming

Smithsonian Magazine 2013 

Top 10 Wildlife Photos  

"Down Hill"

Bighorn Ram in motion.

Northfork near Cody, Wyoming


Taking a look around the snow drift this Canadian Lynx checks over the area. 

Chilkat River, Alaska 


Red fox dad checking the den.

Fremont County, Wyoming

"Portrait of Billy"

Mountain Goat looking for dinner.

Snake River Canyon, Wyoming

"Waiting for Ice"

Polar Bear waits on the bank of Hudson Bay for the ice to form.  

Seal River, Manitoba , Canada

"Big Guy"

Alaskan Moose taking his part in the rut. 

Denali National Park, Alaska

"The Chase"

Brown Bear feeding on salmon. 

Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark, Alaska

"Ice Otter"

River Otters along the Lamar River.

YNP, Wyoming

"Red Fox Pups"

Playing near the den, young pups having fun.

Fremont County, Wyoming

"Over the Rim" 

Bridger Teton Forest, Wyoming 

"Battle Bull"

Moose at Play

Antelope Flats, Wyoming

"Cold Bull"

Old Bull Bison at -30 degrees on a February morning.

Lamar Valley, YNP, Wyoming

"Long Winter"

A coyote takes a rest as he struggles to survive  the High Country winter.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

"Time out"

Mountain Lion taking a rest

Green Mountain, Wyoming

"First Light Red" 

Fox watching the sun come up.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

"Snow Buffalo"

American Bison survival is the target. 

Lamar Valley, YNP, Wyoming

"Cat Walk"

Lynx plowing fresh snow

Haines, Alaska 

"Big Brother"

Two young Big Horns Rams showing a moment in nature.

 North Fork of Shoshone River, Wyoming

"Working the Powder"

Bison looking for food in the deep snow.

Lamar Valley, YNP, Wyoming

"Song Dog of Winter"

Working his way up the large drifts of Lamar Valley. 

YNP, Wyoming

"Winter Trail"

Cross Fox running through fresh snow. 

Glacier, Montana 

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