High Plains Reflections Gallery Jim Brown Nature Photographer

 More than any subject I've photographed my heart is with the wild horses of the high plains.

"Rim Battle" 

Wild Stallions fighting just to fight.   

Muskrat Creek, Wyoming

"Wind Blown"

Portrait of a Big Grey Stud 

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming

"Paint on Paint"

Wild Tobiano Paint Mare and Foal 

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming

"Shades of Grey"

Two young greys showing an emotional moment on a hot day in the 

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming

"Match Grey" 

Team of greys keeping a heads up on the herd.

Rock Creek HMA Wyoming


One of the band stallions that keeps the herd blood line of grey's moving into the

future. Conant Creek HMA Wyoming

"Run Momma Run" 

Overo Paint Mare with Foal running the creek bottom  

Green Mountain HMA  Wyoming

"Thunder Rolls"

As the thunder storm rolls the small band works there way from the water hole. 

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming  


Kasper and Elvis two young stallions coming into their own 

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming. 


Mare ready to foal getting the last of the suns heat before setting. 

Muskrat Basin HMA Wyoming

"Golden light Studs"

Flying dust and the rising sun sets the mood for a morning disagreement between 

two studs. Muskrat Basin HMA Wyoming

"Mare's Love"

Just one of those moment's in nature that we're lucky enough the capture

Green Mountain HMA Wyoming

"Bow before battle"

Paint stud showing strength 

Green Mountain HMA Wyoming

"Face Off"

Studs measuring each other up. 

Crooks Mountain HMA , Wyoming

"Wind Blown Bay"

Green Mountain HMA, Wyoming

"Waiting for Rain "

Summer storm starts to cool off the band grazing 

Muskrat Basin HMA Wyoming

"Heaven Watches" 

The eye of evening watches his favorite three

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming

"End Of Day"

A lone wild horse stands atop the rim and gives the day a final goodbye.

Green Mountain HMA Wyoming

"The Challenge"

Traveller top stud in the herd offers a challenge the the new comer.

Rock Creek HMA , Wyoming

"Long Hot Day" 

Young Stud makes his way through the brutel summer day in the

Conant Creek HMA  Wyoming

"Rainy Day"

Iconic family of the High Plains graze as a summer storm brings rain to the 

High Plains

Muskrat Creek HMA Wyoming

"Maggie May"

The lead Mare in Traveler's Band.

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming  

"Butter "

 A young stud working to get his bloodline running. 

Muskrat Basin HMAWyoming

"Following Mom" 

Mare with her young walk the ridge at sunset

Muskrat Basin HMA Wyoming

"Storm over Hitch" 

The big black stud makes his home in

Rock Creek HMA Wyoming

"Line of Hope" 

Comanche's band work there way into the night

Conant Creek HMA Wyoming

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