High Plains Reflections Gallery Jim Brown Nature Photographer

 A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.

                                                                              Ansel Adams


three grey's watching a new day appear on the High Plains

Muskrat Basin HMA Wyoming

"Milk Weed"
 Light Painting of Milk Weed seed pods 

Grows abundant in Wyoming. 
Milkweeds supports the populations of 
immature Monarch Butterflys.

Talkeetna Range  

As summer ends the Knik river flow wide down.

Knik River ,Alaska 

"Iceland shoreline"

Waves crash on the shoreline of Iceland.

Vik, Iceland

"The King's View"

African Lion, the king of 

Ngorongoro Caldera, Tanzania.

"Little Susistna"

First storm comes to the Little Susistna 

River,  Alaska.

"Evil Sky"

The storm moves over Saddleback Butte

into Monument Valley, Arizona.

Out of the Dust

Bison YNP Wyoming

"High Plains Warriors"

Three young stallions come to confront 

the strange sounds coming from my 

shutter as I hide in the brush.                                    Gas Hills area, Wyoming


"Wild Goose Island" 

Evening comes to St Mary's Lake,                            Glacier National Park, Montana.

"Three Amigos"

Young studs guarding the herd as the fall winds blow.    

Red Desert,  Wyoming 

"First Strike"

Spring Thunder storm builds up on the 

High Plains of Wyoming.

"Schwabacher Landing"

Reflections in the Snake River of the

Teton Mountains, Wyoming.


This big grey stud shows scars of many

herd battles.  

Muskrat Creek, Wyoming 

Crystal  Mill 

Crystal River 

Crystal, Colorado,

"The Keys"

Like Piano keys, the white and black 

mustangs make a great contrast in nature.

Gas Hills, Wyoming

Canadian Lynx Portrait 

Haines Alaska 

The Wind

 Beaver Rim Wyoming

Full Speed Coastal Brown Bear 

Lake Clark Alaska

Mommy Dearest 

Amboseli National Reserve

Kenya Africa 

Sands of Time

Antelope Canyon Arizona

Into the Storm 

Icelandic Horses ,Iceland


Antelope Canyon Arizona 

"Sacred Ground"

The iconic shot of Ansel Adams has made this     turn out on the Snake River sacred 

ground to photographers everywhere.

Snake River Turnout, Wyoming

Face Off

Two young studs of the Green Mountain HMA face off for 

Hierarchy in the herd.

Green Mountain , Wyoming 

"Winter Silence"

A Bald Eagle waits out the snow as the 

winter silence continues at the 

Chilkat River, Alaska.


A small branch of the Chilkat River stands still in the cold of Alaska.

"Long Winter"

The Lamar Valley Bison works the deep snow to  reach food below as winter winds drives the        temp on this day around -36 below zero.              Lamar Valley, Wyoming

Cross Fox in snow

Glacier National Park Montana

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